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Twitter pauses requests for profile verification

Just a week after relaunching the feature, Twitter decided to put a pause on accepting more requests for account verification.

Twitter pauses requests for profile verification

Just last week Twitter announced that it would re-open public requests to get verified on the platform (ie. allow people to submit a request to get that blue checkmark). Verification requests have been on pause since 2017 due to confusion about what exactly the checkmark means and who gets it.

Upon reopening the requests, Twitter was met with an influx of calls for verification. The inflow was so great that they had to hit a pause on the notion of verification requests until they had time to catch-up. The official Twitter account wrote:

While this feature may come across as slightly confusing at first, it has allowed for some clarity to be established surrounding what exactly being “verified” means. Twitter expressed three criteria that they look for when deciding whether to verify an account.