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Kourtney Karshashian features alongside host Addison Rae in Parcast’s That Was Fun? With Addison & Sheri

Rae and Kardashian talk about how they spent their lockdown, craziest paparazzi moments and life after Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Kourtney Karshashian features alongside host Addison Rae in Parcast's That Was Fun? With Addison & Sheri

In a recent episode of Addison Rae’s Spotify podcast That Was Fun? With Addison & Sheri, Rae invited popular reality star and close friend Kourtney Kardashian. The duo spoke about topics ranging from their lockdown plans to scariest paparazzi and fan experiences.

In their discussion about paparazzis, Kardashian revealed that she ensures to keep her personal life away from the public eye and mentors Rae on how to handle fame:

“I remember with you, you are so kind to everyone, talking to photographers and me saying you don’t have to answer back… because then it gets to the point, when it’s maybe a challenging time in your life, and they feel like they can ask you questions on those moments. I was just like, ‘You don’t have to answer these people you don’t really know.'”

Kardashian recalled an instance where paparazzis attempted to sneakily capture photos of her and her children in the bathroom:

“We were in Aspen, and someone was sneaking a photo of me and Penelope, but then another little girl too, a friend, and I was like, ‘Hey, we’re in the restroom, I’m with my daughter. This is a pretty private moment. Can you just delete your photos, and I’m happy to take a photo with you outside of the bathroom?’ I hate to even have to say that but no, you’re not gonna sneak little photos off to the side in the bathroom!”

Rae and Kardashian also talked about their time spent together during the COVID-19 lockdown which included ordering cakes from the Little House Confections and planning workouts together:

“I feel like all we did, you and I, was eat cakes, Little House Confections cakes, and about eight chocolate chip cookies a day. We ate so much! Wish was amazing and I loved that time. But I feel like physically even though we weren’t in such good shape, and we did so many crazy workouts, I was about 10lbs heavier.”

Rae shared that her favourite moment was their visit to New York for her birthday:

“And when we went to New York for my birthday, and we ate pasta so much, that was the best,’ Addison said, with Kourtney pining for more of their favorite Italian restaurant, saying: ‘I would do anything right now for Carbone”.

You can watch the full episode on Spotify here.