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Instagram adds more features to its branded content tools

The update includes allowing multi-brand listings in sponsored posts.

Instagram adds more features to its branded content tools

Instagram’s newest update will now permit creators to create multi-brand sponsored content. Lucky for creators, the recently developed changes will allow for tie-in promotions.

Notably, the brands will be able to approve the integrated message before the brand name is actually shown on the post. However, unlike previously, Instagram will allow creators to post branded content prior to brand approval (without the brand name on the post pending response).

According to the SocialMediaToday, the update will make hopping on trends much easier for creators: “Brands can then take as long as they need to approve, with their name appearing in the ‘Paid partnership’ label only once it goes through.” This allows for creators to engage with trends as quickly as possible, while the brands can simply approve the post at their earliest convenience.

Branded content on Instagram has become a great way for brands and creators alike to reach their audience and understand their responses to various forms of content. Instagram’s updates continue to make it more convenient for all parties to understand what users/followers are liking.