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The platform launched a new campaign to help combat cyberbullying.


TikTok just announced the launch of a new campaign to help counter cyberbullying on the app. The goals of the campaign are simple:

  1. Decrease bullying
  2. Encourage inclusivity
  3. Build positivity

TikTok shared, “At TikTok, we value the trust of our community and work hard to maintain it by cultivating an inclusive atmosphere. Bullying behavior damages the trust-based nature of the app by harming people’s confidence in themselves. We’re mindful that although in-app interactions may seem harmless to some, the impact of people’s online experiences don’t always disappear when they close the app. This is why we greatly value the stories from our community about their experiences and why we invest in measures to help TikTok remain a place where kindness and compassion thrive.”

The platform also launched #CreateKindness hashtag challenge, which will encourage users to “share the heart-warming moments and comments that inspire you to spread kindness.”

In its own works the TikTok team explained, “Through this campaign, we invite our community to choose, celebrate, and create kindness with one another, every day.” Considering TikTok is a pltform that attracts an extremely young crowd, it is nice to see that they are taking steps to keep people safe on the app. What do you think of TikTok’s efforts? Comment below!