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Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong newspaper, ‘Apple Daily’, arrested by Chinese government.

The office of the paper was raided by police a few days ago.

Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong newspaper, 'Apple Daily', arrested by Chinese government.

Last Thursday, the Apple Daily headquarters in Hong Kong were raided by some 500 Chinese police officers. The raid resulted in the arrests of several journalists and editors of the paper.

Apple Daily shared that the “company’s CEO Cheung Kim Hung, COO Chow Tat Kuen and chief editor Ryan Law, along with the deputy chief editor and online editor were all arrested and accused of colluding with foreign forces to endanger national security.” Last year, legislation was introduced that made it illegal to criticize Beijing, deeming it a threat to national security.

“This case involves a conspiracy,” Hong Kong Security Secretary John Lee told reporters at a press conference, also adding that the police raid was aimed at those who use writing as a “tool to endanger national security.”

The government’s actions have come under major fire. Activists across the globe have accused the Chinese government of an attack on the freedom of press.