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Spotify launches its live audio room feature ‘Spotify Greenroom’

Spotify Greenroom launches in 135 markets across the world.

Spotify launches its live audio room feature 'Spotify Greenroom'

On June 16, Spotify announced their live audio room feature Spotify Greenroom. Spotify users will now be able to host podcasts, Q&A sessions and more.

In a recent blog post, Spotify shared their upcoming venture Spotify Greenroom and their aim to build a creative content platform for their users:

“We believe Spotify has an opportunity not only to enable live broadcasts, but to aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate growth of the live category overall. Today’s app unveiling is our opportunity to begin laying the foundation for the exciting roster of content and capabilities Spotify has in store in our venture into live audio.”

The Spotify Greenroom is a revamped version of Betty Labs’ Locker Room. Betty Labs was earlier acquired by Spotify in March to expand the Locker Room app – that was previously focused solely on sport content. The latest launch will help additional creators to host diverse topics and share their thoughts among other Spotify users.

Moreover, Spotify is in the works of launching a Creator Fund and is open for sign ups:

“The Creator Fund is a way to get rewarded for the content you create and the community you build on Greenroom. The Fund is open for registrations now, and will go live and begin payouts later this summer. The Fund’s primary goal is to support creators on Greenroom and encourage engagement between fans and creators. We want creators to be rewarded for the communities they build, the audiences they reach, and the experiences they create from the very start.”

Spotify Greenroom is currently available across 135 markets and compatible with iOS and Android devices.