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TikTok just announced a new ‘Jumps’ feature

The update will enable creators to link their third-party owned services and resources!

TikTok just announced a new ‘Jumps’ feature

Similar to what other social media platforms have been adding, TikTok just announced a new feature they call ‘Jumps.’ According to TikTok, Jumps will allow for creators to share engaging and informative content on TikTok.

The individual ‘Jump’ link will be displayed on its respective video and will appear in a small box (as seen below). The link will then take users to an (approved) third-party experience or page.

“We are thrilled to be a leading partner in TikTok Jump,” said Nick Holzherr, Head of Whisk, one of the beta collaborators that helped make Jumps a reality. “Since initiating a limited Beta earlier this year, TikTok and Whisk have helped alleviate a long-standing problem that recipe creators face: how to allow TikTok users to view and save full recipe content. Not only are TikTok creators using Whisk to add recipes previously published online; they’re also sharing unique TikTok recipes that don’t exist anywhere else.”

Jumps are definitely something to look into if you want to advertise on TikTok. Learn more about this new feature here.