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The Vogue editors gathered virtually to discuss the future of ‘Vogue’ and fashion

You’re going to want to hear this…

The Vogue editors gathered virtually to discuss the future of 'Vogue' and fashion

American Vogue’s Anna Wintour, British Vogue’s Edward Enninful, and Vogue China’s newly-hired Margaret Zhang gathered virtually on Wednesday to discuss the future of the publication. Their meeting was a part of the annual Vogue Forces of Fashion event.

The three editors-in-chief’s placed significant emphasis on notions of “inclusivity” and “sustainability” throughout the discussion (very much in line with current consumer trends these days).

“We have to remember that, the way that media travels today, there are no borders, there are no lines, so we have to understand how we can work best together tapping into all of the incredible talent that we have,” said Wintour of joining forces with her international counterparts “We believe in creativity, we believe in respect for each other, we believe in sustainability, we believe in diversity and inclusivity. I think as you look across all our different platforms and Vogues around the world, those values are reinforced again and again, and that is how you build a really loyal and inclusive Vogue community.”

That emphasis on collaboration and community across international borders was also highlighted by Zhang: “All of our colleagues internationally [are] so curious about each other’s markets, and what resonates within their region, compared to what would resonate in another region,” she said.

The moguls also briefly discussed where they see the future of the fashion industry going, with Enninful stating, “Fashion has become more democratized, I think moving forward there aren’t going to be too many ivory towers with designers dictating to the public what to wear,” he said, acknowledging that this shift may also change what types of creatives are truly needed in fashion: “What’s going to be needed are people who can curate. Curators will always be needed in fashion; we’ll need people who can… direct amongst all this noise.”