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YouTube announces its latest ‘New to You’ feature

‘New to You’ will be featuring customized recommendations for YouTube users.

YouTube announces its latest 'New to You' feature

YouTube has announced the upcoming launch of a new discovery section ‘New to You’. The feature will exclusively display video recommendations from channels a user has not viewed but upload content similar to the user’s interests.

Becca, Product Manager at YouTube Discovery, shared that YouTube’s new feature aims to support creators on the platform to reach users that would like their content:

“We know that, as creators, it’s really magical when you can connect with a new person who really loves your content but maybe just hadn’t discovered you before. That’s a really magical experience for viewers as well.”

YouTube revealed that the new feature is different from the Explore section that shows top trending videos from multiple categories:

“Explore helps viewers on YouTube discover content in specific verticals, like Gaming or Beauty, or content that is trending worldwide, but content that is not necessarily personalized to them. In other words, it doesn’t take their specific interests into account. But New to You is unique in that it is personalized to the viewer. So we try to take a balance between things we think you might be interested in plus things that are a bit further afield of what you’d typically watch.”

The New To You section will be rolling out in the coming weeks to mobile users with extended features releasing eventually. New To You can be viewed at the top of the Home feed and under YouTube’s recommendations categories.