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Twitter announces new Arabic language setting

The new setting helps users to choose to be addressed in a feminine form.

Twitter announces new Arabic language setting

Twitter has introduced a new Arabic language setting for users that wish to be addressed in a feminine form. The announcement comes as part of Twitter’s focus to promote an all-inclusive platform for its online community.

In a recent blog post, Twitter revealed that the feature helps to support the Arabic feminine form in the Arabic language:

“People across the world come to Twitter to discuss what’s happening, and we want our service to better reflect the many voices that shape the conversation. In some languages, such as Arabic, words can be feminine or masculine, but we’ve missed a way for people to tell us how they want to be addressed. So today, we’re introducing a new language setting that acknowledges and better supports the Arabic feminine form. People who select this setting will be addressed in the feminine form. For example, “Tweet” will be غرّدي (which addresses women) rather than the default Arabic today, which is غرّد (addressing men). Also, “Explore” will be إستكشفي rather than إستكشف.”

To enable the Arabic (feminine) feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Tap on “Settings and privacy”
  3. Click on “Accessibility, display, and languages.” and choose “Languages”
  4. Tap on “Display language” and choose “Arabic (feminine)”

The new language setting is currently available for website users and will soon be extended to iOS and Android users.