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KSI releases latest album ‘All Over The Place’

The album features other renowned artists such as Future, 21 Savage, Yungblud, Anne-Marie and Digital Farm Animals.

KSI releases latest album 'All Over The Place'

Popular English YouTuber and rapper KSI released his album All Over the Place on July 16. The new album follows KSI’s debut 2020 album Dissimulation that was U.K.’s highest-selling debut album by a British artist.

KSI revealed that his new album portrays a better form of music style in comparison to his widely-acclaimed Dissimulation:

“I’m super excited for the people to hear this album. I’ve improved on everything I did with [2020’s] ‘Dissimulation’. The singing has improved. The writing has improved. The beats have more layers to it, I’m a lot more experimental, I’m way more comfortable on the mic etc. This album is a reflection of a lot of hard work and passion combined and I’m really proud to be releasing it.”

In an interview, KSI shared the impact social media and YouTube had throughout his career and how he aims to continue creating content on the platform:

“I think you have to be smart with it. I don’t think you can just randomly decide, ‘I’m going to do music now.’ And if you decide to do that, you have to maintain posting to YouTube. The only reason you’ve gotten to where you’ve gotten is because of YouTube. For you to just forget about that, for me, it doesn’t sit right. I’ve been putting little bits of my music into my YouTube videos so it doesn’t feel out of the ordinary when I do want to do music… This is a logical next step. Maybe I’m just loyal. It’s the reason I am the person I am today. And I still enjoy it… It’s been the core. I see YouTube as the core of my success. For me to stop doing YouTube, chances are it will kill everything else that I try to do. Or eventually, it will die out.”

The All Over The Place album features artists such as Polo G, Lil Wayne, Yungblud, Anne-Marie, Future, Craig David, Digital Farm Animals and 21 Savage. In terms of recent accomplishments from the album, KSI’s fourth single “Holiday’ topped the UK Singles Chart at number 2 – the YouTuber’s highest-charting solo single.