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Idris Elba calls for social media ID verification

& some of your fav creators backed him.

Idris Elba calls for social media ID verification

In the age of modern social media, it has become increasingly easy for people to hide behind their screens and share just about whatever they please. This fact has manifested itself in our social media culture in various ways. For better or for worse, anonymously posting on social media is something a lot of people do.

In light of the racial harassment that black English football players faced after the Euros 2020, over 300K people signed a UK petition that would make it mandatory for people to show ID before creating social media accounts.

Idris Elba took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the matter. “If cowards are being supported by a veil of privacy and secrecy, then social media is not a safe space,” he wrote. “It is an aeroplane that allows travelers to wear balaclavas. If cowards want to spout racial rhetoric, then say it with your name — not your username,” he expressed.

High-profile influencers and TikTok stars, Addison Rae and Charly Jordan, reposted Elba’s statement to their stories in support of the notion.

While the petition did get a substantial 300K signatures, it does have some opponents/questioners. In the post above by @defnoodles, user @rainyoutd commented:  “IMO I understand the need to expose bullies but this call also puts in danger who rely on social media as a safe space or a place to get help. Imagine someone in an abusive home trying to raise awareness about their situation under the guise of anonymity because their family members are monitoring their social media. Imagine how motions like this hurts their cause.”

Love Island finalist and footballer, Luke Trotman, also shared concerns over the proposition on his Instagram story:

What are your thoughts? Should social media platforms require ID verification? Comment below!