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Lady Diana, the OG ‘Influencer’

Influencing before the era of Instagram.

Lady Diana, the OG 'Influencer'

The world of fashion is larger than life, and it has the power to influence. 

Well, mostly larger than it should be. This industry is the second largest industry to make money in the whole wide world. Fashion has given Millions of people a purpose to live. Fashion has been the sole driving force of many. Fashion has fed, fashion has abandoned. Just like any other industry, we stick to some fundamental rules here.

A fashion analyst once came up with a theory called the ‘Pendulum Swing‘ Theory. This theory stated that the pendulum of fashion swung from a point of exaggeration and then to the point of exact opposite. Applying the pendulum theory of fashion that states that a trend will make a comeback every 20 years. Thus, today we are bound to follow fashion trends that were followed in the 1990’s. 2020-21 has seen so many retro trends come back into action, if you’re wondering which era it originated from, it’s the 90’s.

Let’s talk about the 90’s for a bit.

Fashion in the 1990’s was defined by a return to minimalist fashion. Talk Paris Hilton’s velour tracksuit phase, the Spice Girls, fashion moments from the show Friends. Talk Cher from Clueless, Brad Pitt being the ‘It’ boy, and imagine Kate Moss on that scandalous Calvin Klein Ad. Princess Diana on the other hand was busy being ‘It’ girl in Britain.

Princess Di borrowed parts of her inner personality from the world of fashion. As you must have already heard, she was a voice suppressed by the royal family’s weight and traditions. The only way Di could carve her own path was to stand out, but in the most harmless ways. She, through her clothing, intrigued people and got their attention because she was on every newspaper cover. Since Princess Diana, back then known as Lady Diana Spencer was a school teacher to kindergarten kids, she already had the sensitivity and sensibility to be a humanitarian. By taking a keen interest in fashion and gentle soul, she brought humanity and service to light. She was a real life influencer back then. Her ability to influence the global mass, not just British, was impeccable.

She was the World’s first and biggest female ‘Influencer’.

Read below some trends that were introduced in the ’90s, spotted on IG Influencers in 2021 –

1) Oversized Hoodie + Biker Shorts

Ah, can we talk about how ahead she was of her time? An oversized hoodie, tiny biker shorts underneath and just long enough to be shown through the hoodie, long socks, chunky white sneakers and her hair cut short. This is quite literally almost what we see Influencers in 2021 wear.

Fun fact: Diana was photographed wearing the ‘Fly Atlantic’ sweatshirt which was auctioned at a whopping $53,532.

Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, in London in November, 1995. 

Image Credit: Getty Images

2) High-Waisted Blue Denims

High waisted straight-cut blue denims and an almost beige-ish olive green blazer, supported by a tan belt in the middle and accessorised with a leather bag of the same colour, is a complete 2020 recap. Not sure what the colour tone for beige-ish olive green is called but we certainly saw designers using this colour. Cue; Jacquemus S/S 2020. This was Diana’s casual, sunny day in London look, or probably something she wore while visiting her youngest son, Prince Harry’s school. Minimal and effective. We see everyone in 2021 wear this! 

(Left) Princess Diana out and about in London (Right) Princess Diana in Bosnia, 1997

Image Credit: Getty Images

3) Buttoned blazers

Princess Diana’s modern, polished suit worked flawlessly with a coordinating black tank top, headband, and a luxurious brown leather bag. This was reported as Princess Di’s airport look. The resemblance with today’s airport looks and Diana’s is uncanny. This is every Influencer’s go-to look for a chic look.

June 23, 1997: Princess Diana arrived in New York, two days prior to the sale of 79 of her dresses at Christie’s Auction House.

Image Credit: Getty Images

4) Good ‘ol Sweaters

Diana’s ultra famous red and white sheep printed sweater by Bowing Blazers above wide legged denim pants sounds like the perfect casual outfit for a chilly day. One thing we ought to notice is that she always dressed according to the weather. Comfort seemed on top priority then, as it seems even now. For example, Harry Styles has been spotted loving sweaters like these. 

The bright red knit jumper has rows of white sheep with one black and was worn by the then-future royal around the time of the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles in 1981.

Image Credit: The UK Mail

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