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Interview with CEO Jim Louderback on VidCon & content creators

“Creators create because they feel it in their heart, their head, and their outlook to the world.”

Interview with CEO Jim Louderback on VidCon & content creators

VidCon is the biggest video tech conference that happens in the US, Abu Dhabi, Asia, Australia, London, and Mexico. It is a place to experience creativity and magic with a combination of influential creators, fans, brands and more all under one roof. Canon, Instagram, Nickelodeon, Disney are just some of the names who attend this event and share their expertise and knowledge.

Those who are passionate about online video, video marketing and building diverse communities will be attending, and this year VidCon will be opening its doors back up in Abu Dhabi from the 3rd-6th December, 2021. ITP Live spoke with VidCon CEO, Jim Louderback, to see what’s in store for us at VidCon and advice for influencers.

1. Tell us about yourself and the journey from Revision3 to VidCon?

Hi, I am a serial entrepreneur, and previously being a journalist, I’ve been passionate about community-first media since the dawn of the browser and the worldwide web as I moved from being a magazine writer to a web blogger, creator, and enthusiast. Revision3 was a transformational company that took everything we learned in television, ripped it up and recreated it in the world of online video from 2005 to 2012 when we sold it to Discovery. VidCon celebrates, reflects, and leads the entire community-first media industry globally, and continues to support creators wherever in the world they are.

2. How has VidCon evolved since you have joined? And what are your ambitions for this region?

We’ve expanded to every continent in the world – expect Antarctica – and continue to be cheerleaders, promoters and enablers of healthy community-first media everywhere we go. We are so excited to be the place where the entire Web3 and creator industries connect annually – from fans and creators to businesses and students.

3. You come from a content background so we’d like to know, what’s your criteria of a true digital content creator?

Creators create because they feel it in their heart, their head and their outlook to the world. A painter is a creator. A beauty vlogger is a creator. A digital creator is one who paints their canvas across digital platforms, digital media and a community-first outlook.

4. What’s your go-to advice for creators who have achieved success and want to move to the next phase of their career?

Talk to everyone. Watch what others are doing. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You can learn so much by observing, interacting and not getting stuck in a rut.

5. What digital and content trends are we going to witness over the next few years? And in your opinion, what is the next big thing in the digital content space?

Creators are taking control of their communities. Before, the internet creators had to be granted permission to create gatekeepers. IN Web2, those gatekeepers were replaced by platforms, but in many ways the platforms were just the next generation of gatekeepers. Now, creators are developing the ability to directly build, connect, embrace, and cherish their communities directly via new technologies, opportunities, and channels. Every creator is a Direct-to-Consumer entrepreneur – and over the next few years, they’ll be able to own more and more of their audience and opportunity.

6. What’s your one piece of advice to next gen creators from the Arab World? What are the entry barriers for a new content creator?

Collaborate and grow together with creators locally and creators globally. VidCon will become a great place for creators to connect to all types of creators and work together to grow globally. Don’t let anyone tell you it CAN’T BE DONE. New creators need to make their own rules.

7. If you had to add a feature to a social media app, what would it be?

The ability for creators to own the connections with their community.

8. How does VidCon differ to any other event? What makes the content stand out?

We bring the entire ecosystem together. It’s not just a business event. Not just a fan event. But a place where everyone with a passion and a stake in community-first media can come together and experience the magic of creators in real life. From fans to the top creators in the world and from the newest media experts to the oldest media companies, we all come together in one place to celebrate, learn, explore, and connect!

9. What can we expect to see this year at VidCon Abu Dhabi? Are we going to see this region represented in the innovation show at VidCon this year?

Well, you’ll have to come and see it yourself, but you’ll meet new creators, connect with the biggest creators in the world, learn how creators and brands can partner and understand how NFT’s, cryptocurrencies and web3 models will become a creator’s best friend.

10. What is your proudest career moment?

Whatever I’m doing that that day or that year. For this, it’s bringing VidCon to MENA and to Abu Dhabi. How awesome is that?

To find out more about VidCon Abu Dhabi, please visit: VidCon Abu Dhabi 2021