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Did you know Dog Yoga was a thing?


We’ve sure as hell heard of Yoga, but never have we heard of ‘Doga‘ before! Trust Gen-Z to come up with the most creative terms.

Yas Vocals (@yasvocals) – is a Singer and Dance perfomer. Not only is she an amazing at both, Yas is also the founder of ‘Yas Music & Dance’ – a complex in Dubai where you’re able to sign up for lessons and attend classes. Oh, and did we mention she just turned 20 recently?

She has also signed recently with us at ITP Live! Welcome to the team!

We asked her some questions about her recent Dog Yoga event visit, read below:

Q: What was your reaction to the invitation?
Y: “Cosmo ME reached out to me on IG inviting me to the Dog Yoga event. I was so excited and thought that this was a great idea, finally something to do with my dog since it’s quite difficult to bring him to places since dogs are mostly not welcome.”

Q: Have you heard of the term ‘Doga’ or ‘Dog Yoga’ before? How was your reaction to this innovative concept?
Y: “I had never heard of the term Doga until I was invited to this event. I was very pleased to learn about this concept. It is very important to have a connection with your dog.”

Q: Please describe the details of the event, we’re so curious!
Y: “The event was a lot of fun to be honest. We arrived at the West Palm Beach (which is a beautiful location) and were so happy to see so many other dogs! The dogs were playing with each other and us pet owners were connecting. The Doga experience was so relaxing and actually emotional for me because I could feel myself connecting more with my little puppy. The dogs were so cute and I just loved every moment of it”

Q: Did your furry friend enjoy? How was their experience?
Y: “My dog Gucci definitely seemed to enjoy himself. It was something new for him and he seemed to be happy. He was outdoors which his favorite thing in the world is, and I think he was enjoying the constant massage he was receiving during the session.”

Q: Welcome to the ITP Live team. What is one thing you are looking forward to in this journey with us?
Y: “Thank you! I am looking forward to building my relationship with ITP, with my audience and with brands through the support of ITP Live.”

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