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Caspar Lee is coming to Dubai for ITP Live’s Conference!

The successful vlogger-turned-entrepreneur will be speaking at the event on Nov. 28

Caspar Lee is coming to Dubai for ITP Live's Conference!

That’s right, YouTube fans, you read that correctly – one of your favorite vloggers will be in Dubai VERY soon!

ITP Live is excited to announce Caspar Lee will be attending our conference this Wednesday, Nov. 28 at Caesars Forum (Bluewaters Island Dubai) as a Keynote speaker, along with his business partner Ben Jeffries and Roc Nation’s Briant “Beehigh” Biggs.

Lee is a British YouTuber and entrepreneur based in London, UK – and has over 7.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

With over a billion views on his channel, he’s interviewed the likes of Ed Sheeran, Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Cara Delevingne. He will be joined by 22-year-old influencer marketing entrepreneur and CEO of, Ben Jeffries.


Lee has produced two films for BBC Worldwide, released a Sunday Times best-selling biography, co-founded the UK’s fasted growing influencer platform Influencer with Ben Jeffries and, most recently, co-founded a management company with YouTube star Joe Sugg. He is also a Queen Young’s Leader Ambassador and was named Digital Marketing Director for IMG-owned clothing company, American Freshman.   

Ben Jeffries, who co-founded Influencer at the age of fifteen, has led the company to become an industry leader in marketing’s hottest sector – influencer marketing. He was recently named Marketing Week’s Rising Star: Media Owner 2018 and will join Lee on stage.

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Web Summit Day 2. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Colm Boohig for Storyful, on how Caspar and I built @influencer and the direction we see our company and the rest of the industry heading in. We spoke a lot about video content, a topic that is continually coming up during discussion about the future of influencer marketing and social media. As our attention spans get shorter, still image is increasingly less able to hold our attention. As followers want to get closer to creators, video is increasingly the rawest and most authentic way to make this connection. There is no doubt that video holds an important place in the future of influencer marketing, especially as formats like VR and AR become more readily available. I’m excited to see what the future holds for video. Have you adapted your marketing strategy to integrate this medium yet?

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Briant “Beehigh” Biggs is the Director of Mobile Roc Nation and the founding partner Chairman of Unanimous Games. He is the older cousin of Jay-Z. Prior to the birth of Roc Nation Briant, Jay-Z and childhood friends founded an independent record label, Roc-A-Fella records. The label was a success and signed a partnership with Def Jam Music Group.

In addition to its three keynote speakers, the conference will be filled with panel discussions covering various topics on the state of influencer marketing in the GCC. 

ITP Live will also reveal the results of our influencer marketing survey at the conference and all attendees will be provided with a free report.

Wondering how it’s all going to go down? Check out a list of the sessions below.


We’ll reveal the results of our in-depth survey to gauge the state of influencer marketing in the region. The survey explored the best practices in managing social media influencers, the pitfalls to avoid and the opportunities to cash-in on.

In addition to learning what’s working in the world of influencer marketing in GCC, the survey also uncovered some of the pain points as this industry evolves regionally and globally. We’ll also highlight the latest trends you’ll witness in 2019.


Social media has become the world’s most influential way of sharing stories and information.

In this session, we explore this topic with industry experts and discuss thoughts on influencer marketing campaigns. Practical insights and tactical advice from this high profile panel will highlight the influencer marketing learnings and trends in the region.


What do the next three years look like for region’s successful social media influencers? In this exclusive panel talk, we speak to the biggest content creators in the region and discuss how social media has helped establish and evolve their careers.


Founder of Roc Nation, Briant Biggs, talks about the changing landscape on digital and social media in the world of music and gaming. He’ll shed light on unique collaborations, concepts and how the influencer economy is shaping the way of the future.


What are the most promising strategies for attracting, engaging and converting ideal customers? How does a marketer find the right influencers? In this session, we’ll talk to industry experts and highlight case studies that show we can use the right tools to create an impact.


Various studies have shown that micro-influencers have high rates of engagement. And brands are keener than ever before to tap into the power of their word-of-mouth marketing (as opposed to partnering with the idolized celebrity influencer). The only issue? Finding the right and relevant pool of micro-influencers is time-consuming.

In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of using micro-influencers and highlight campaign success stories.


Is the gaming industry taking the market share from every other form of media? With the game industry growing new products and technology and raking in billions of dollars, we ask our international panelists if this is just the beginning of monetization for the gaming industry.


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