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Top 12 Delivery Iftars On Talabat

Great food, even better deals

Top 12 Delivery Iftars On Talabat

Feeling drained after a day at the office and just can’t get yourself out of the house or into the kitchen to break your fast? Luckily enough we live in wonderful times where you don’t have too. So we’ve decided to round up some of the best deals on one off, if not your favorite food delivery applications, Talabat!

1. NKD Pizza 

2  Medium pizzas for AED 50, this deal is perfect for when you’re hankering for a nice, light and even healthy pizza. Available from all three UAE branches in Dubai Marina, Business Bay and Motor City, 

2. Wok n’ Roll

A little bit of everything and perfect for sharing, this Asian-Fusion restaurant has a deal of 10 taster items for AED40 including two soft drinks or 25 pieces for AED85 with four soft drinks.

3. Biriyani Pot

A special iftar combo meal including a starter, main course, dessert and beverages for just AED 55, a full meal and with everything from great biryani’s (AKA India’s Mandi), kababs, grills, among other deliecious Indian inspired dishes you won’t be disappointed. 

4. Kebab Shop

Far more than just Kebabs, this restaurant’s Iftar meal consists of fruit chaat, chicken doner or flame grilled chiken with biryani rice, a dessert and water. Additionally, you can feel good knowing that with every meal, AED 10 will be donated to Red Crescent.

5. Nando’s

In the mood for bit of Portuguese inspired chicken and some spicy peri-peri sauce? Where else but Nando’s. Their ramadan sharing platter offers 1 full chicken (sauce of choice of course), 1 large rice, potato wedges, grilled vegetables, and even more, a healthy and substantial meal for the whole family priced at AED 139.

6. Al Dayaa Lebanese Restaurant

This lebanese inspired restaurant is offering a more than substantial Iftar meal for just AED 40, with a soup, salad (cause, why choose?), a main course, dates, dessert & water. And you’ll be contibuting to a good cause, with every Iftar meal purchased contributing AED 10 to Red Crescent.

7. GRK – Fresh Greek

Offering an urbanized take on classic Greek food, their Iftar Special Meal for AED 59 inlcudes chicken and lamb skewers, bifteki, grk fries, their house baked pita, and of course wouldn’t be complete without tzatziki now would it.

8.  Sushi Central

Sushi Central has a number of Ramadan bento boxes on offer all featuring a range of salads and of course authentic japanese rolls, all from AED 60 and below! 

9. Chopt Salad

Perfect for keeping it healthy this Ramadan, Chopt Salad has a couple great deals on offer. Best one in our opinion is the Marco polo chopt salad (large soup cup 16oz), fresh juice, soup of the day, dates and cookies. How good does that sound?

10. Gazebo

Opt for dishes from one of Dubai’s most popular Indian restaurants, Gazebo, located in DIFC, DIC and Business Bay. For AED 50 the Iftar meal has an assortment of fresh juice, water, dates, fruit chaat, a couple samosas, murgh cutlet and biryani as well as dessert. AED 10 will be donated to Red Crescent as well.

11. London Fish & Chips

Their all in One Ramadan meal consists of 3 peices of crispy battered fish, a sandwich, 8 pieces of calamari, their famed chips, a filet, soup and drinks as well, all for just AED 53! It’s alright to indulge every once and a while. 

12. Burger Hood

List simply wouldn’t be complete without a burger option now would it…Inspired by classic American diners, for AED 40, this burger joint allows you your choice of burger (good luck with that), with salad, dates water and soft drinks.

Any others you feel deserve to be on this list?