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Decadent Footage of #EatwithN Foodie Tour Is Now Live

Whatever you do, don’t click on this if you’re on a diet

Decadent Footage of #EatwithN Foodie Tour Is Now Live

Can’t get enough of Dubai’s Dessert Queen’s delicious dessert tours? Neither can we!

A few weeks ago Naomi D’Souza took a few lucky winners out on a very cheesy dessert tour. Wondering how it all went down? You can flick through a gallery of the delicious dishes here on ITP Live or check out the videos below (or in Naomi’s feed!)

“Our first stop was She Burger at Dar Wasl Mall, where we had the most insane amount of gooey and sinfully cheesy dishes,” D’Souza said. 

“We’re talking plates towering high with fries, bacon and cheddar; heavenly burgers with cheese inside the patty and the most tantalizing pasta with crazy amounts of cheese. When you pulled the pasta away from the plate, you wouldn’t believe how gooey and delightfully cheesy the melted strings of cheese were!”  

She noted the tour ended their first meal with rich cheesecake, along with red velvet and caramel cake.

Talk about a calorie overload in the best of ways! 

“Mousse au Chocolat was the perfect place to end our tour with their rich, indulgent variety of mousses. We tried around five different kinds of mousse, and each of them was an explosion of flavour,” she said. 

“After devouring mousse with baklava, mousse cakes, saffron mousse, white chocolate mousse, cappuccino mousse, dark chocolate mousse amongst many others, the tour ended with none of us being able to walk!”

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Special thanks to sponsors Cake-Away (@cakeawaydxb), SugarMoo Desserts (@sugarmoodesserts), Wht The Fudge (@wht_the_fudge), The Snack Society (@thesnacksociety) and Makkaj Perfumes (@makkajperfumes). And big thank you to She Burger (@she_burger) and Mousse au Chocolat (@mousse_au_chocolat_cafe) for hosting Naomi and her followers.

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