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iPhone 8’s Biggest Leaks & Rumors (So far)

Or is it the iPhone X?

iPhone 8's Biggest Leaks & Rumors (So far)

When it comes to the iPhone, arguably the most popular smartphone on the face of the planet, speculation comes with the territory. But not like this!

In recent months, we’ve seen countless rumors (some more legitimate than others), so many that it might be hard to keep track. Hence the list below.

After all, with recent news that there might be a delay in release, this might be just what we need to keep us going.

Image Source: iDrop News

1. Complete Edge To Edge Display

Well, this is certainly going to leave for a very uninspiring big reveal. But like an over revealing GOT trailer, who cares. Since initially leaked earlier in the year, the release of a screen protector by Olixar has practically confirmed it to be true. It can be seen on MobileFun.

Reviews have been mixed on this one, while many are quite excited about the change, considering the blatant recycling of designs by Apple over the years, but some are a little skeptical, to put it mildly about the placement of the bezel.

2. Wireless Charging

Possibly the biggest feature and definitely the most revolutionary one since their fingerprint scanner. This feature was initially brought forward along with other specs by Foxconn employees but was recently confirmed by a key Apple supplier. When speaking to reporters of the Nikkei Asian Review, Robert Hwang, CEO of iPhone assembler Wiston, let it slip that the “Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproof and wireless charging now require some different testing.”

3. Yup, if you didn’t catch it, it’s going to be waterproof as well

Guess we can tick that one off the wishlist

4. Trademark Aluminium chassis on it’s way out…for composite glass

We’ll miss you…

But there’s more, the below was obtained from our loose-lipped friends over at Foxconn through a series of posts to Reddit.

5. The Fingerprint scanner is here to stay

But where?

6. More biometrics through facial recognition & IRIS scanner

This one’s a tad more speculative than the others.

7. Perhaps a codename, but it might be called the iPhone X.

How do you like the sound of that?

8. Dual Camera with vertical alignment

The vertical alignment is said to be in aid of Augmented Reality (AR) features built into the device. Oooh, I hope this is true

9. No touch ID on the back

Would’ve been one too many I guess

10. Worst one yet, the delay has indeed been confirmed *sigh*

Perhaps to work on some of the ‘not so well received’ aspects?