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Twitter’s Audience Insights To Be Deprecated Soon

Audience insights about to expire soon… make most of it while it lasts

Twitter’s Audience Insights To Be Deprecated Soon

Are you trying to understand why social media apps are hiding analytics or likes? So are we! Joining the game this year is Twitter…

Here is something for social media managers to note – Twitter has confirmed that it is indeed removing its Audience Insights tab from Twitter Analytics at the end of this month according to Social Media Today.

The feature was launched way back in 2015, which is a tool social media marketers have used to get more information about their followers, in areas such as consumer behaviors, demographics, lifestyle, and their mobile footprint. The data extracted from the same can give you more perspective on who, exactly, you need to reach.

Twitter without any notice has decided to get rid of the feature, If you navigate to your Twitter-profile’s Analytics, you will see that Audience Insights will only be around for another two weeks or so.

According to Social Media Today, “…Twitter hasn’t provided any further information at this stage as to a possible alternative, though it is worth noting that Twitter added a new ‘Conversation Insights’ feature to Media Studio in November last year.”

We are hoping Twitter will incorporate a similar audience analytics tool into Media Studio instead, which works on building a tool as a more comprehensive tweet analytics platform.

Hopefully, we’ll get access to more and better analytics instead and what happens if Audience Insights is not replaced? We know many marketers will certainly miss it.

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