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You Can Now Set Reminders For Your Favorite Shows On Twitter

The micro-blogging platform is rolling out “Tune-In” reminders

You Can Now Set Reminders For Your Favorite Shows On Twitter

Can’t keep track of the shows you watch? Don’t worry Twitter’s got your back!

Twitter has a TV show reminder button which it has updated, this button when tapped will notify users when their TV shows will go on air. The updated format places a button at the bottom of the tweet with the words “Set Reminder.”
Some Twitter users have reported seeing this new format of the button for a while but it seems to have been expanded quite recently, according to Social Media Today.

The new format is a more refined variation of Twitter’s ‘Tune-in” reminders, which could help improve engagement, and it’s a way to get more people tweeting about the latest TV shows.

Twitter has been working for years to try and establish better linkage between its platform and TV viewing. Various studies have shown that traditional TV viewers are increasingly engaging on social platforms to discuss the content they’re watching, according to AdWeek.

Add to this the fact that some 94% of people now keep a smartphone on hand while watching TV, according to Facebook for Business.

The nature of Twitter is that it is open to the public, which makes it ideal for its users to live tweet TV content. While Twitter hasn’t been able to integrate its own live-stream broadcast and tweets into a platform, Twitter knows that having more people engaging with TV shows on its platform is a key opportunity to increase engagement.

For example when the Night King died on Game of Thrones it sparked over 80 thousand Twitter interactions in that moment, according to Nielsen research.

Twitter is always looking for ways to improve its connection options on this format, in order to keep users engaged and up to speed when it comes to their favourite TV shows. This option and format could possibly come in handy when Twitter broadcasts the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020. Twitter updated reminder button is a push to improve Twitter’s user engagement and interactivity as well as a way to improve Twitter’s TV integration.

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Written by Mayar Ibrahim. Photo credit: Unsplash.