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5 AW20 Paris Fashion Week Designers To Follow On Instagram

From asymmetrical knitwear to African inspiration, here’s what you missed out on at PFW

5 AW20 Paris Fashion Week Designers To Follow On Instagram

Paris Fashion Week, the finale of Fashion Month; the COVID-19 pandemic continues, as does its impact on fashion.Yet, Kanye brings YEEZY to Paris, Lanvin showcases a mixed gender collection, John Galliano takes us to a thrift-store and Dries Van Noten takes us to a night club; proving the industry will power through and use this pervasive time as a driving force

Ann Demeulemeester (@anndemeulemeester_official)

Sébastien Meunier’s collection for Ann Demeulemeester was inspired by Mary Queen of Scots.Thin metal wires were sculpted into headpieces with feathers, were added to shoulders as a form of shoulder pads and were twisted around the waist of coats. 

Draping was a key feature of the collection, the peplum made a return and hemlines trailed the floor. The palette was dark with pops of green and red velvet. A nod to the 90’s was also present with the skirt over trousers combination which is something we foresee taking over next season.

Rick Owens (@rickowensonline)

Asymmetry is trend that has been revived this season and Rick Owens take was with knitwear. Black and blue hue mini-dresses with futuristic shoulders, gloves and PVC heels were a highlight of the collection yet it was the capes that stole the show; quilted and resembling duvets.

The collection played with the human form with exaggerated shoulders, clinging fabrics and the highest of platform heels. It wouldn’t be an Owens runway without the combination of dystopian fashion and smoke machines to make each look a little more dramatic.

Kenneth Ize (@kennethize)

An LVMH Prize nominee who preserves African craft and heritage has debuted this season at PFW and he did not disappoint. Garments are simple cut and in all honesty simplicity takes over when it comes to the silhouette as Ize lets the colours and textures do the talking.

Introducing silk crepe and knitwear to his collections for the first time, he is committed to producing locally and uses traditional techniques and fabrics; adire (indigo resist-dyed cotton) handwoven asa-oke (top cloth). The colours were bright and bold giving a much needed positive boost to the gloomy Parisian winter weather.

Marine Serre (@marineserre_official)

This 28 years old wont the 2017 Young Fashion Designer VMH Prize and her AW20 collection proves her credentials and brought hope to a world that seems to be lacking such.

A visionary theme was present throughout the collection, fashion emerging from an apocalypse; it was an eclectic mix of garments. Beginning with a neutral palette the collection worked through tones until it was bright pops of colour. From futuristic magenta crushed-velvet dresses to fair-isle sweaters and sharp tailored suits; Serre managed to highlight the importance of re-wearing, re-purposing and combining the old with the new.

Roger Vivier (@rogervivier)

Although not a runway show Roger Vivier’s Paris Fashion Week presentations have become one of the most talked-about events. The accessories brand knows how to create an impactful, inclusive and immersive experience that has editors, models, influencers and anyone luck enough to attend talking about it at any chance they get.

This season the event was a sensory overload for attendees, aiming to enhance all 5 senses Gherardo Felloni guided guests through the different rooms that explored touch, sight, smell, sound, and even taste. The accessories themselves was old 18th century collections of jewellery, shoes and bags, with updated colours, embroidery and silhouettes creating a paradigm of the brand.

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Photo credit: @RogerViver