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Why we place our trust in the UAE amidst a global pandemic

The trust we place in our government will determine how we rise even stronger

Why we place our trust in the UAE amidst a global pandemic

In a time when uncertainty looms and anxiety is heightened, the UAE Government urges its citizens and residents to remain calm and brave.

The love, longing and care for our home lives in all of us. For many the UAE may not be our birthplace but our adopted second home.

Regardless, in times of doubt, we must all stand together, united, in order to face the unknown strongly, proudly and as one. Communication and trust in our leaders have perhaps never been more important and the government of the UAE has remained open and transparent in an effort to address the questions and concerns faced by all.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we have come to know and appreciate all our heroes who risk their lives to ensure that our nation’s needs are met day after day.

Despite the fact that we may be unable to physically connect with our friends and family at this time, the leaders of this country have facilitated communication and connection through a variety of mediums to safeguard the emotional and physical health of all.

What does it mean to stand united? It means that we respect our needs and the needs of our fellow residents equally. It means that we continue to educate ourselves accordingly and spread peace, love and comfort wherever we can while following the rules put in place by our government.

We firmly place our trust in the government of the United Arab Emirates to see us through this difficult time. Together we will overcome.

We encourage individuals with a platform to share this message as well to keep the chain of trust and communication alive.

We are proud to share the below ,a special message from the UAE, narrated by @sayginyalcin.