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2020: Let The Days Count

In the midst of uncertainty and isolation, positive change is possible #MakeITCount

2020: Let The Days Count

Houston, Texas. October 28, 1984. And the worlds’  greatest ever boxer Muhammad Ali says just eight words, that nearly 36 years later, still send a shiver down our spines: “Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

As social distancing has now become the ‘new normal’, billions of people around the world have turned to social media to stay connected to friends and family. Regardless of race or religion, we are all united in one purpose – seeking a sense of assurance that although times are tough, we are not alone in this pandemic.

As a result, the global online community has never been closer and we have a responsibility to spread good values, positivity and love to all our digital friends and family.

To emerge from this pandemic stronger, wiser and more capable than before, as a global community, we need to take Muhammad Ali’s message to the core, and make these days count. The actions we take today will determine how far we rise and how better equipped we will be to face any other difficulty in the future.  We don’t want another chance. And sure won’t get another chance.

We can make these days count by spending quality time with our friends and family online- playing games, learning about each other, hearing the other’s opinions about the world and celebrating the differences which make us so unique and special. Let diversity be the bond of unity.

We can make these days count by learning a new language, using the time to expand our knowledge beyond that which we already know.

We can make these days count by exercising at home, utilizing our free time to strengthen not just our physical bodies but our mental health and emotional capabilities too.

We can make these days count by reading that book which we always meant to read!

We can make these days count by starting a new project or hobby, which in turn will add so much value to what we are able bring to the table in the future.

From learning a new musical instrument, to learning how to cook or even start a blog, we can make these days count by dedicating our time to that passion project we somehow never found the time to start.

Furthermore, we can make these days count by picking up and teaching new habits to younger generations- habits which seem simple but as we have learned, can change the course of the future. Habits such as washing our hands, proper hygiene and self-care techniques are instrumental in avoiding future pandemics.

Here’s a positive video from ITP Live that will not only give you hope but will also help you make the most of this period of isolation. The clear messages of staying home, staying connected while learning, playing, entertaining and helping those in need are echoed in this video…

If Ali were alive today, what would he make of all this, the greatest battle we have fought for generations, against an invisible enemy? Possibly that it has taken a pandemic to show us that only together are we at our strongest, most alive and most human.

As the great man once said himself: “There are no pleasures in a fight but some of my fights have been a pleasure to win.”
Together, we can all win.