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Over 12 Million Players tuned into Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert

Fortnite has once again set the bar for virtual events…

Over 12 Million Players tuned into Travis Scott's Fortnite concert

Epic Games – the developer behind Fortnite – has yet again put on a record-setting show.

Travis Scott (who was joined by Kid Cudi) took the Fortnite world by storm over the weekend as he entertained over 12 million gamers during his 15 minute Astronomical concert held on the virtual island.

According to The Verge, “During the opening song a giant Scott stomped around the island, while players could run across the water to catch a glimpse. As the tracks changed, so did the visuals. At one point everything was fiery and Scott turned into a cyborg; later it looked like everyone had been transported to Tron. When “Highest in the Room” came on, the crowd was submerged underwater, along with a giant spaceman. There were rollercoasters and psychedelic effects and at the end players were literally flying around the planet.”

For those who didn’t tune into the game, the concert has been shared on YouTube.

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