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Peter Barron shares a Lower Body Challenge

For those who want to spice up their workout routine a bit!

Peter Barron shares a Lower Body Challenge

As gyms and fitness centres remain closed, we are constantly searching for creative ways to spice up a workout routine which has now becone quite mundane.

Remaining active even while indoors is extremely important and finding creative ways to challenge yourself may seem difficult considering the restrictions imposed. 

Peter Barron, Dubai based athlete and personal trainer, is an expert at demonstrating ways to switch it up while using your own body weight as resistance.

To follow Peter’s workouts, you don’t need fancy equipment or alot of space, just a workout mat and some motivation!

In his latest post, Peter shows us how to really acheive a toned and strong lower body by implementing squats, lunges and burpees into one very effective circuit. 

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TAG a friend to try this LOWER BODY CHALLENGE SAVE | SHARE Here is a little challenge for you to try. How many rounds can you complete in 10 minutes ? Rest as you need it. 5 x Squats 5 x Lunge ( each side ) 5 x Burpee Record how many rounds you complete and make sure and beat it the next time you do it Sometimes if you need some motivation with a workout it's a good idea to create a workout that you can work against your previous time to keep you going. Let me know your times below after you try it #hometeam #hiitchallenge #abworkout #workout #workoutroutine #hiit #fatburningworkout #coreworkout #weightlossworkout #workoutathome #dubaifitness #cardio #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnessinspo #workoutmotivation #homeworkout #homeroutine #absathome #mydubai #fitnessindxb #workoutchallenge #corechallenge #abchallenge #funworkout #workoutanywhere

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