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Justin Bieber slid into Charl D’Amelio’s DMs and she freaked out

I mean, that’s understandable…

Justin Bieber slid into Charl D'Amelio's DMs and she freaked out

Charli D’Amelio received an epic surprise on Monday as she was hosting an Instagram Live session.

Justin Bieber, THE JB, slid into her DMs right in the middle of her live session and Charli could not keep calm.

Lucky for us, we found a YouTube video posted on ET’s official YouTube where Charli’s reaction was captured just as she saw the message.

“That’s a joke,” she said in disbelief after reading his comment. “That’s a joke. That was a joke. Please tell me someone screenshotted that.” Replying to Bieber, she then said, “Okay, I will. Thank you.”

I wonder what the Biebs wants to talk to Charli about?

Does he need help with his dance moves?

Does he want Charli to join him and Hailey in quarantine?

What do you think?

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