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Charli D’Amelio responds after look-a-like Ellie Zeiler is accused of ‘shading’ her

Ellie had previously clarified in a TikTok Live video that her “shady” comment was absolutely not about Charli.

Charli D'Amelio responds after look-a-like Ellie Zeiler is accused of 'shading' her

TikTok is a lot of fun but it is also full of a lot drama!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Ellie, here’s a quick rundown. Ellie (@elliezeiler) is a TikToker with over 5 million followers. She also happens to look exactly like Charli.

Both Charli and Ellie have interacted before, commenting on how similar the two look but the situation seems to have got out of hand thanks to some fans on TikTok. People have accused Ellie of “copying” Charli for clout. Ellie has clapped back at the accusations multiple times, clarifying that there’s no drama, and no plagiarism involved.

Now, she’s had to defend herself again after TikTok users thought she was shading Charli in a comment directed at another user on the platform. Charli has also responded to the whole thing.

Fans of Charli seemed to begin calling out Ellie after she posted what some thought was a shady comment about TikTok’s biggest user in reply to another comment left on one of her videos.

In response to the comment left by Ryan Clements (@ryanclem), who appeared to have implied that Charli was better than Ellie when he wrote “Charli” with a heart eyes emoji, Ellie wrote: “But who is that?”

Now, Charli has responded to the unnecessary drama. After being stopped by the paparazzi with her sister Dixie and asked about the situation, Charli said: “I think there are a lot of people that look like me.”

“We have a very basic look,” Dixie added. “Honestly, I think we have a very basic look. We have brown hair and brown eyes. Like, I see TikToks all day. Everyone — ‘Oh my god, you look like Charli! You look like Dixie!’ It’s chill.”

Well said, Charli.

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