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A Man’s Guide To Using Emojis

It’s an art

A Man's Guide To Using Emojis

It’s World Emoji day (you didn’t know?), a celebration of that digital language some of us have found harder to adopt than 7th grade French.

Unfortunately, it seems excessive emoji use is seemingly becoming the tongue of the messaging masses, so, at the risk of becoming socially obsolete, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon.

Alas, this world of emojis can be a treacherous minefield for men. A misplaced tongue here, an excessive winky face there…and you’re being ghosted.

So without further ado, here’s a cheat sheet for the memory box.

1. Think function not fancy

Most if not all of your emojis should just get the point across, that’s it! Your friend got that promotion he/she’s been telling you about, throw up a ”pair of hands” in celebration.

2. One per text

Unless you’re repeating the same emoji multiple times for exaggeration, the rule is one and done.

3. Stick with the classics

Rule of thumb, you shouldn’t spend more than 5 seconds looking for the perfect emoji. We’ve all been there, scouring through each apps expansive (and pointless) database of new and weird emoticons, looking for that magical one that’s going to set you apart ever other guy. It’s never going to happen, and there’s good reason for that.

4. Do not send emojis to your boss, co-worker, and definitely not the person who just interviewed you

….until you’ve built rapport. Yes, that means you’re dry cleaner too.

5. We know you’re excited but reserve your emojis to the end of your text

Sheesh…why don’t you throw some hashtags mid-way while you’re at it

6. If you ever use the heart eyes emoji with your gf…don’t tell your friends about it

The same goes for hearts, blowing heart kisses, that weird heart building one….you get the point.

7. Proceed with caution when using animal faces

If you’re trying to insinuate one of your guy friends looks like a cow, then by all means go ahead. But with the ladies, these little guys can actually be quite endearing…but should only be used once there’s a level of intimacy built.

8. Use emojis for efficiency

You’re a super busy guy at the top of his game, you don’t have time for an ‘Okay’, throw a ‘thumbs up’ their way to sign off on plans or squash conversations, either way, you look cooler than when you use the one with shades on.