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Adam Waheed hits 40M views on YouTube Shorts

If you love comedy and gaming, then you’ll love Adam’s latest content!

Comedian and actor Adam Waheed just hit 40 million views in his latest YouTube Shorts video at Gamers8.

What is Gamers8?

Gamers8 is known as a global esports and gaming festival that takes place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Professional gamers, creators, and influencers as well as industry leaders join together for the world’s largest gaming event and take part in many different activities with a prize pool of $20 million. This year, the event featured tournaments for many games which included Dota 2, Fortnite, Rocket League, and Street Fighter 6. There were also many side events such as concerts, meet-and-greets with global gamers, and gaming challenges. Gamers8 is a major success every year, this 2023, it was bigger and better attracting over 100,000 attendees from over 50 countries.

Adam Waheed, Deji, Tom Cassell (Syndicate), and Dylan Page were seen taking part in many different games, attending concerts, and meeting fans.

The event is held annually by the Saudi Esports Federation and the Ministry of Culture at the Riyadh Boulevard City, a purpose-built esports arena. The event featured 10 exciting tournaments for those who attended with a significant prize pool. The top teams from each tournament won a share of the prize pool including points towards the Gamers8 Global Ranking. Those who made it to the top will have received an invitation to Gamers8 World Championship in 2024.

Like every year, Gamers8 is a major milestone for the expansion of esports in Saudi Arabia. It has helped to put the country on the map as a primary player in the global sports industry and helped to attract wider audiences.

Who is Adam Waheed?

One content creator who attended Gamers8 and who made a huge impact by attending was Adam Waheed. Adam is not only a content creator, but a gamer who has 6 million followers on Instagram and is known for his hilarious, relatable videos about gaming, life, and relationships.

Adam began his career as a creator by making YouTube videos about gaming but rapidly expanded his content to include other topics. His videos gained popularity over time and he soon became one of the most popular content creators in the world.

About the viral YouTube video

After attending Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia, Adam uploaded a video that he made with his mum during the event. The video showed his mum cleaning and distracting Adam while he plated on his game.

Not only did the YouTube Short showcase originality (and was hilarious), but it has also now reached 40 million views! Content creators and influencers who create engaging content that goes viral entice and encourage a wider audience to see more and know more about the event.

Watch the YouTube Short above and leave a comment if you liked the video.

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