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Apple launches new feature to fight device theft 2023

Apple is making efforts to ward off thieves from your iPhone, read more about this new feature

Apple launches new feature to fight device theft 2023

Apple unveils stolen device protection

Apple is taking a significant step towards fortifying iPhone security with its latest feature, Stolen Device Protection, revealed in the iOS 17.3 beta. In response to the rising concerns outlined by The Wall Street Journal, this feature aims to thwart thieves who exploit passcode theft to gain access to a user’s personal and financial information.

Biometric authentication

When users opt into Stolen Device Protection, performing certain actions on the device becomes a fortified process. Authentication through Face ID or Touch ID is now mandatory for crucial actions like viewing saved passwords in iCloud Keychain, applying for a new Apple Card, factory resetting the device, using saved payment methods in Safari, and turning off Lost Mode. This added layer of biometric verification ensures that even if thieves have the device and passcode, accessing sensitive information becomes an insurmountable challenge.

Hurdles for sensitive actions

For actions that involve the highest level of sensitivity, such as changing the Apple ID password, altering the iPhone passcode, or disabling Find My, Stolen Device Protection introduces an extra hurdle. If the device is detected in unfamiliar locations, users must not only authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID but also endure an hour-long waiting period before repeating the authentication process. This intricate process adds a sophisticated layer of protection against unauthorized access.

Apple launches new feature to fight device theft 2023

Commitments to security

Scott Radcliffe, a spokesperson, emphasizes the company’s commitment to user security. He notes that while iPhone data encryption has been an industry leader, Stolen Device Protection acts as a powerful deterrent. By making iPhone theft less appealing to potential thieves and significantly complicating unauthorized actions, Apple aims to safeguard users’ digital lives effectively.

As Apple continues to innovate in the realm of smartphone security, users can anticipate more robust measures to counter emerging threats and protect their valuable information. Stolen Device Protection is a testament to Apple’s proactive approach in addressing the evolving landscape of device security.

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