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Coca-Cola Launches A Limited Edition Flavour For Gamers & We Know What It is

Coca-Cola do not disclose their wacky limited edition flavours, but thanks to social media, we know what the gamers flavour is!

Coca-Cola Launches New Drink Just For Gamers

Gamers are in for a treat as Coca-Cola releases its new flavoured drink, inspired by and catered for gamers.

Coca-Cola has collaborated with League of Legends which is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games. Its new limited edition flavour called Coca-Cola Ultimate is now available in the US and Canadian stores for a limited time only. Globally, the drink is available in zero sugar and will be released this week.

The brand is venturing into new partnerships and targeting a different niche. Just in the MENA region, the gaming industry is said to hit $6 billion by 2027, and therefore gamers are becoming more recognised, and respected which means companies want to affiliate themselves with gamers and gaming brands.

As for the taste, Coca-Cola does not want to disclose what it tastes like, but they have previously partnered with singer Rosalia and created a Marshmello limited-edition flavour. We can expect the gamer’s drink to also have a wacky and weird yet wonderful taste.

Luckily, thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, one creator has described the taste to be “banana” flavoured.

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Watch the campaign video here for the #CocaColaCreations x #LeagueOfLegends partnership.

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