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Did you know Kylie Jenner was going to be named K…

Kylie revealed all in her latest Instagram story.

Kylie Jenner

Is it the name that makes you successful or what you do with the name? The Kardashian sisters and the Jenner sisters are known around the world for their popular tv show “The Kardashians.” Their profiles increasing online, particularly on their social media pages, has given the sisters a chance to venture into the business world.

Influencers and celebrities who have grown their name, worked with brands, and have a strong social media presence, would usually use this to create their own brand. Each one of the sisters has something of their own with Kim Kardashians’ fashion and beauty line, Kourtney’s Pooch brand, Khloe’s Good American jeans line, Kendall 818 tequila drink, and Kylie’s beauty line.

The success of the businesses grows along with their profiles and we get to see how lavish their lives really are with their show and on their Instagram and TikTok. Now that the sisters are growing, we even get to see into the lives of their children who have also created their own TikTok accounts (Kim K and Kourtney’s children).

Just days ago, Kylie posted on her story telling her 366M fans what her name was supposed to be.

Along with a picture, Kylie said her name was supposed to be Kennedy but both Kris and Bruce, who is now known as Caitlyn, decided on Kylie Jenner. Both names would have made the beauty icon, social media influencer, and reality star’s self-image what it is today because of how they are perceived online and what they are known for.

Millions of people look up to the Kardashians and the Jenners, and even if they don’t, they follow to see what is new or going on in their lives. There is always something happening whether it’s an announcement or drama, but whatever it is, everyone loves them for something.

Which name do you prefer? Kylie or Kennedy? Let us know by tweeting us @itpliveme.

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