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How did the Dubai-based couple amazed judges on Amercia’s Got Talent?

A talent that will amaze you all…

James & Marina: America's Got Talent

Influencers James Harrington and his wife Marina Liani-Harrington ‘wowed’ judges on the Amercia’s Got Talent series with their unbelievable skill. We asked James how they felt on stage and getting through to the next stage.

America’s Got Talent is a show where people from America and around the world can show off their unique talents on stage. They must perform their skill or talent to the test in front of Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and the tough-to-impress judge, Simon Cowell in order to make it through to the finals and win a cash prize of $1 million.

Couple James and Marina who resides in Dubai with their rescue dogs are already social media stars, showing off their “Mind-to-Mind” talent through their posts. As members of the “Magic Circle,” both James and Marina are mentalists and perform across Dubai stunning different audiences they meet.

Both had already taken part in Britain’s Got Talent in 2019, then received the Golden Buzzer in Ukraine’s Got Talent, and once again tried their luck in the Amercia’s Got Talent auditions, making it through to see the judges and audience.

Although the audition was short, the presentation and the focus on the talent were incredible. After watching the video, we as the audience are still left asking questions and wanting to know how the trick was done.

As James stood on stage inside the arena with the judges and audience, Marina stood outside with Terry Crews. In the first trick, James placed actress Sofia Vergana’s phone on the palm of his hand for Marina to guess what battery percentage her phone was on. Of course, the mentalist got it right, already creating suspense in the audience for the next trick.

James then asked the audience to write a memory down on a piece of paper and put it in a bin for another judge to then pick out memory at random and memorise it. Marina slowly picked out a few words from the memory before “wowing” the judges and reading the full memory in front of the entire audience on the screen.

The couple told us about the feeling of receiving the Golden Buzzer in Ukraine saying, “For our first audition, I wasn’t expecting much. I can’t speak Ukraine and it’s the first time we’ve performed for a non-English speaking audience. It was in the middle of Summer so I was super hot right before going on stage and I asked if I could find a fan to cool down before going on – they said no and basically pushed us out in front of the judges! When we began, we also had music that was supposed to play but for some reason, it didn’t. At that point, we went into pure show mode.” He continued, “As soon as we finished the audience started chanting “Knopka.” I had no idea what that meant so I asked Marina who whispered “they want a judge to press the Golden Buzzer.” Then the judge Ksenia stood up and pressed it. It’s all a blur but to say it was one of my proudest moments is an understatement.”

To watch the full video of Mind 2 Mind on America’s Got Talent, see below!

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