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INTERVIEW: Farhana Bodi shares her birthday details & new launches coming up this 2023

B’day inspiration, pictures, and future plans: Farhana Bodi shows & tells all.

Interview with Farahana Bodi about her big birthday bash!

As the show Dubai Bling was voted one of the most popular series to watch on Netflix, we interview social media influencer Farhana Bodi to give us an update on her “bling” life.

Depicting the true nature of an influencer, Farhana was seen to be taking pictures for social media and getting sponsored for her events in the show. In true TV drama style, there was conflict from a cast member who confronted Farhana telling her she felt uncomfortable being in Farhana’s social media posts as she felt like she was part of the sponsorship deal.

Wondering if Farhana’s birthday was sponsored? We ask her! The Indian-born Dubai-based influencer Farhana Bodi tells us all about her birthday celebrations, her relationship with the girls from the Dubai Bling, her social media academy, and plans for 2023!

It’s been a few days since your big birthday bash! Are you having birthday blues? Or are you working on the next big event? Tell us what’s next!?

FB: I’m kind of having birthday blues! But at the same time, I’m working on something really major that I can’t talk about right now but I am sure you guys will see it soon. I am preparing for a most-awaited trip that I’ve planned for a long time so I’m really excited about that, and I am excited about what’s coming in 2023. There are a lot of major events planned and launches planned so a lot of things are in the pipeline.

What is your relationship like with the girls on Dubai Bling? Do you think the air has been cleared or is there more fixing to do between you and others?

FB: I have a good relationship with most of the girls on the show, especially with Danya and LJ. They’re my friends and my girls and I can completely count on them. We have had some really good times together, we party together, we dine together and we hang out. I also get along with Lojain Omran – we have a good friendship, same for Safa, Brianna and I do have a civil relationship with Zeina. We’re very cordial with each other so when we see each other, we talk. I think I’m good with everyone right now [laughs].

How many people did you invite to your birthday and were all of the Dubai Bling cast in attendance?

FB: My guestlist was between 200 to 250 people. I don’t know how many people actually came as I lost count. All I know was it was a full house and I was enjoying every minute of it – everyone was partying, and having such an epic time.

Tell us about this extravagant theme you decided to do for the party! Where did the inspiration come from and how should others be inspired when creating their big celebrations?

FB: This year’s theme was Arabian Bling and Mulan Rouge, so I wanted to have that vibe with the feathers. I had always wanted that red-themed party and finally this year I did it! The inspiration came from the venue itself. When I visited it, there was an Arabian courtyard and an Arabian vibe. I thought why not do one side with dinner and the other side which was the restaurant/bar club. I basically did a bit of both indoor and outdoor – the venue is so beautiful and very sexy which is why I did the Mulan Rouge theme.

I think people would like to know, was the event sponsored!? (tell us what was)

FB: When it comes to sponsored – I would call it a collaboration! I collaborated with the venue and we did a barter deal. Some of the things I paid for myself so I wouldn’t say it was sponsored. But it was a really nice barter deal that I had with the majority of the brands.

You have a beautiful bond and relationship with your son who was also there at the party. What life lesson would you want him to remember for the rest of his life?

FB: I do have a very beautiful bond with my son and have him present at all my birthdays because I love celebrating my birthdays and he is a part of me so I feel like he has to be there with me. He wasn’t there throughout the night but I always make sure I do my photographs with him, with the cake for my memories.

I want him to always appreciate these moments in life. I want him to remember these good times as he grows up and I want him to celebrate life with me.

On Arabian Business, you said that you charge $97 to give people tips on becoming an influencer. Tell us a little more about what these tips include.

FB: A lot of my followers have asked me to start giving them courses, makeup classes, and tips on how to grow on social media. I thought why not make an academy online then? I get to engage more with my audience, share my journey with them and give them tips. I have created the academy as it’s something I have always wanted to do and something my followers have wanted me to do.

I think it’s a brilliant idea and most importantly, so do my followers! These workshops include how I have grown on social media, sharing tips and techniques as well as sharing experiences with them to help them grow online.

You have 2.1M followers on your Instagram – what are your future plans and goal with your work as an influencer?

FB: My future plans are to grow globally and create a brand. I am working on a few things right now, a few projects. A brand is something I am definitely considering at a later stage in my life for sure. Before that, a lot of collaborations are coming up – I would also love to get more involved in television and movies. After being on the show [Dubai Bling], I really loved watching myself on the screen and thought to myself, maybe I need to do something more now?

If you had to work with any brand in the world, who would it be and why? What are you doing to achieve your goals?

FB: It’s my dream to be one of the faces of Chanel beauty. I love Chanel fashion and Chanel makeup so I would love to do something with Chanel one day. It’s a dream! I don’t know how I am working towards achieving that, but I’m sure it’ll happen one day if it’s meant to be.

Before you became an influencer, what advice do you wish someone told you before you started?

FB: One piece of advice I wish someone told me was how to build relationships with brands because I was clueless when I started in the industry. I didn’t know where to start, I was really lost. Obviously, I made my way up there but I wish it was easier if someone told me about brand relationships and how to approach brands and PR. I think it’s so important to learn this and to know as that adds a lot of value.

What advice would you give to those starting their influencer journey on social media?

FB: My one piece of advice for those starting their journey on social media as influencers is to, first of all, have a niche! You need to have a niche for yourself. For me, I am passionate about fashion, lifestyle and beauty so I was always moving toward that direction – you need to have a direction, and a goal, and know what you want to do.

Content is key and your image aligns with what you do. It’s the most important thing to understand as you can’t be an influencer that does everything and promotes everything. You really need to have a niche and to create that, you should know your market and what the audience loves about you.

That all comes with experimenting and you’ll soon find out what does well and what your audiences engage with. For example, for me, my audience engages a lot with my travel posts or my fashion style – they love it!

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