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Watch: RIDE 4 Release – PlayStation 5

PS5’s DualSense Controller makes this motorcycling game experience one of a kind!

Watch: RIDE 4 Release - PlayStation 5

Host Abdulkareem takes a look at RIDE 4 – a motorcycle racing game perfect for motorbike enthusiasts!


Building off its predecessors – RIDE 4 introduces a new Career mode where players can choose a region to start their journey – America, Europe or Asia. Their region and how well they perform affects their career path: if they play well – players will get access to special events, races and challenges.

The Final Regional League Races are inspired by the most celebrated motorbiking championships. Players will definitely feel the adrenaline flowing as they compete against 20 riders online and offline.

Players can choose from over 175 officially licensed bike models and ride on 30 tracks and roads all around the world. Every bike has been created using CAD, laser and 3D scanning to achieve accuracy down to the tiniest detail, letting players enjoy an authentic two-wheel racing experience.

Players can also select their rider’s outfits from different official brands and customize their bikes both aesthetically and mechanically: these new mechanical customization features will impact the physics of the bike and its performance. Players will be able to test different configurations to find the perfect setup in order to win. 

RIDE 4 has also introduced other game changing features such as day and night cycling and dynamic weather:

Mimicking real life, a race can start during a lovely sunny morning and finish in the middle of a crazy, stormy night. However, a sudden downpour won’t be an end-all: players can quickly adapt their riding style to changing weather and master riding in the most brutal conditions.

PS5 + DualSense

Ride 4 looks even better now on the PS5 thanks to its dynamic 4K resolution and its smoother gameplay at 60FPS. Players can also harness the power of DualSense advanced haptic feedback: this means that RIDE 4 players will feel everything the bike feels: at a standstill, players can feel the engine revving in their palms or get jolted by every bump or hole the bike drives over.