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Facebook Gaming launches Streamer Fan Groups

Find out how you can support your favorite streamer!

Facebook Gaming launches Streamer Fan Groups

Facebook Gaming has introduced a new feature ‘Streamer Fan Groups’ which is available exclusively to their Partner gaming creators. The groups help streamers to create their own dedicated fanbase community for users to interact with each other.

The feature will be accessible to a streamer’s fanbase during their live streams with a notification to join the group. Streamer Fan Groups help streamers increase engagement and host a group for fans to view and support the streamer unanimously. Fans will also be able to share their thoughts on various topics within the members in the group and host video games to play with each other.

The Streamer Fan Groups comes with exciting features that include:

  1. Topics: Group members can organize multiple topics by pinning them under the group menu to easily access each topic.
  2. Chats and Rooms: This feature helps fans to interact with other users on topics. The topics can be organized using hashtags for more users to join the discussion. However, Chats and Rooms are currently not available to Pages users in Private Groups.
  3. Streaming to Fan Group: This helps streamers to host and schedule live streams directly to the Streamer Fan Group in Live Producer.
  4. ‘Looking for Players’: The feature helps fans find users to play an online video game with.

The feature will be rolled out in batches to better collect feedback and improve the Streamer Fan Groups feature.