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Riot unveils new album ‘Sessions: Vi’ to help creators

The Sessions: Vi includes song tracks from artists such as Chromonicci and Junior

Riot unveils new album ‘Sessions: Vi’ to help creators

Riot Games – a American video game firm popularly known for developing League of Legends – has announced the launch of a new album ‘Sessions: Vi’ for creators. The album includes 37 song tracks from various artists including Chromonicci, Junior State, Laxcity, Engelwood, Dilip, Otxhello and Tennyson.

Riot revealed that the album is dedicated to creators and aims to help creators from copyright takedowns :

“Sessions: Vi is the result of a promise that Riot Games Music made a year ago: to create new music that would be safe to stream and free to use — something to help address a small part of the copyright pains seen from creators and streamers around the world.”

The Sessions: Vi would vastly help Twitch streamers that recently faced DMCA takedown notices on Video On Demand (VOD) content or previously recorded live streams. The takedown claims received were from music publishers and comprised 1000 individual claims.

Toa Dunn – Head of Riot Games Music – shared that the new album would help streamers play music without the risk of copyright violations:

“We think this is another way to help build community. With how music and the complexities of the internet and all that stuff works. How can we make it easier to be a streamer, or how can we make it easier to be a lo-fi jazz producer, or listener. Like how can we make those easy and fun. And this is solving all those problems in a really fun and creative way.”

The Sessions: Vi album is available across Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, ]YouTube, and more.