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You can now drive a Tesla on PUBG Mobile!

The PUBG Mobile will be featuring Tesla’s Model Y and Tesla Semi.

You can now drive a Tesla on PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile has partnered with Tesla to launch two of their car models in the popular video game. The featured Tesla models were released as part of PUBG Mobile’s new 1.5 update and comes with the PUBG Mobile 1.5: IGNITION mode. PUBG Mobile’s new mode includes unique features such as Spawn Island Holographic Display, Jump Marker and Auto-Parachute.

In a recent statement, PUBG revealed the launch of Gigafactory and the car features of the Model Y and Tesla Semi. Tesla’s Gigafactory will be located on Erangel wherein players have to manufacture the auto-pilot Tesla Model Y car by using multiple switches and levers:

“Tesla Gigafactory: The Tesla Gigafactory will appear on the map. Activate all switches of the assembly lines in the factory to start the car assembly process and build a Tesla vehicle – Model Y.

Model Y + Self-driving: The self-driving cars produced at the Tesla Gigafactory have an autopilot mode that can be activated on the highways on the map to automatically take players to the location of pre-set markers along the highway.

Tesla Semi: These self-driving transportation vehicles developed by Tesla will spawn randomly along the road in the wild and will drive automatically on specific routes. Obtain battle supplies by dealing damage to the Semi to make it drop Supply Crates.”