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New Twitter Data Highlights the Emergence of Gaming

The influence of gaming on modern culture has been significant

New Twitter Data Highlights the Emergence of Gaming

According to Social Media Today, gaming is set to become a $196 billion market by 2022, and five of the top 10 channels on YouTube in 2019 were directly connected to the gaming community.

Even rapper Travis Scott this past weekend hosted a virtual concert within the realm of Fortnite and over 12 million users tuned in to watch. 

The opportunity for branding and outreach within gaming has never been more significant as gaming and gamers move forward to form indelible marks on pop culture.

As per Twitter, “In 2019 we had over 1.2 billion Tweets about video games, and now in 2020, the gaming conversation on Twitter is bigger than ever. In fact, in the second half of March, we’ve seen a 71% increase in conversation volume and a 38% increase in unique authors compared to the first half of the month. In the US alone, there has been an 89% spike in conversation with a 50% increase in unique authors over the same time period.”

In terms of specific games leading the conversation, Twitter says that Animal Crossing has gained the most traction during COVID-19, with other new releases and mainstays making the top 10 list.

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