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Gamers8: Deji, Syndicate, Dylan Page take over

Here’s what gamers Deji, Syndicate and Dylan Page did at Gamers8


What is Gamers8?

Gamers8 is the world’s largest gaming and esports festival which is hosted in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Professional gamers, influencers, and industry leaders from all over the world join together in Riyadh to discover the eight-week adventure, which features a multitude of events, gaming tournaments, workshops, and more, with some activities having a prize pool of $20 million. 

This year, infamous gamers such as Deji, Syndicate (Tom Cassell), and Dylan Page, were in attendance. Here is a recap of the activities they managed to do during their visit:


Japamura is the zone at Gamers8 that celebrates all of your favorite things about Japanese culture. Visitors can dress up in kimonos, drink matcha, slurp on ramen, and watch live ninja shows.

If you enjoy taking part in more engaging activities, you can spend your time doing Karaoke or taking classes that are available on Japanese calligraphy. Japamura showcases the best of Japanese culture across entertainment, culture, food, and sports, and gamers did not want to miss out.

Racing at Aramco Sim Arena

Gamers8 has a venue available for everyone who enjoys go-kart racing. Here, racing enthusiasts can compete in daily community tournaments before enjoying a day of other events such as concerts and other shows.

VR Arcade Games

The Challenge zone is a place that functions as the Gamers8 community hub. This zone entails multiple activities that include tournaments, local esports club activations, daily engaging activities, a free-to-play gaming lounge, and more.

The zone is also for virtual reality games, where gamers have the chance to play alongside other gamers in highly-rated VR games such as Beat Saber, Boxing, and more, including but not limited to shooting, wrestling, and blocking attacks from virtual opponents.


Ava Max, best known for her number 1 hit sensation ‘Sweet but Psycho’, made her Saudi Arabia debut at the festival’s 6th week. The American pop heroine reeled crowds in with a set featuring hits such as ‘Kings & Queens’ and ‘The Motto’.

Alongside Ava, Steve Angello, one-third of ‘Swedish House Mafia’, brought Week 6 of concerts at Gamers8 to an incredible close. He performed many signature band tracks such as ‘Greyhound’, and ‘Don’t You Worry Child’.

Watch Syndicate’s entire Saudi Arabia vlog on YouTube:

There’s obviously much to see and do at Gamers8 2023, and these activities don’t even scratch the surface. There’s still time to experience it all! Don’t miss out and visit the festival now.

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