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Say goodbye to Kim Kardashian’s 2014 Hollywood

Bid a bittersweet farewell to Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood after a decade

Say goodbye to Kim Kardashian's Hollywood

Farewell to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

After a decade-long run, Kim Kardashian’s mobile game, a venture that marked a significant chapter in the media personality’s entrepreneurial journey, has officially closed its virtual doors. Game developer Glu made the announcement on January 3rd through a user forum post, revealing the decision to sunset the game. The shutdown included the immediate unavailability of the game for future downloads, cessation of in-app purchases, and removal from all app stores.

Gratitude and reflection

In response to the game’s closure, Kim Kardashian expressed her gratitude to the dedicated players in a statement shared with TMZ. She thanked everyone who had loved and played the game, acknowledging the profound impact the journey had on her. Kardashian recognized the efforts of the Glu team and the behind-the-scenes contributors who contributed to the game’s success. The media personality conveyed her inspiration drawn from the community built around the game over the past decade.

Say goodbye to Kim Kardashian's Hollywood

Kardashian legacy

Launched in 2014, the free-to-play game allowed users to ascend the fame ladder to the A-List by making real purchases for virtual items such as clothes and hairstyles. The app paved the way for similar ventures by other celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Britney Spears. Despite its closure, the game had a remarkable financial run, with Forbes reporting $160 million in revenue by July 2016, just two years after its launch.

What will happen exactly?

While new installations are no longer possible, Glu assured existing players that the game will remain accessible on their devices until April 8. During this period, players can continue using any existing in-game virtual currency. The developer expressed appreciation for the support received over the years, assuring players they’ll always be on the A-List in the memories of the game’s legacy. As Kim Kardashian’s mobile game bids farewell, it leaves behind a digital footprint that defined an era in celebrity-driven gaming.

Say goodbye to Kim Kardashian's Hollywood

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