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Microsoft’s Xbox witnesses leadership switch 2023

CEO Bobby Kotick departs from Microsoft. The company is set to witness some changes in roles and leadership

Microsoft's Xbox witnesses leadership switch 2023

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick’s departure on December 29th marks a significant moment in the gaming industry. While Microsoft has not appointed a direct replacement, it has consolidated the leadership team of Activision Blizzard under the purview of Matt Booty, Microsoft’s game content and studios president. This move expands Booty’s responsibilities, now overseeing Bethesda, ZeniMax, and Activision Blizzard.

New roles and departures at Microsoft

Microsoft has opted to retain most of the Activision Blizzard leadership team, with key executives such as Blizzard president Mike Ybarra and Activision publishing president Rob Kostich falling under Booty’s leadership. However, some executive-level departures are notable, including chief communications officer Lulu Meservey and vice chairman of Blizzard and King, Humam Sakhnini. Others, including Thomas Tippl, will remain until March 2024 to assist with the transition.

Microsoft's Xbox witnesses leadership switch 2023

Integration and future plans

As the tech giant integrates Activision Blizzard into its expansive gaming business, Xbox chief Phil Spencer emphasizes the collaborative efforts during the transitional period. Booty’s role extends beyond Activision Blizzard to encompass Bethesda and ZeniMax, demonstrating Microsoft’s commitment to streamlining its gaming portfolio under unified leadership.

While fans await details on adding Activision Blizzard games to Xbox Game Pass, Spencer has cited the lengthy regulatory process as a reason for the delay. Microsoft’s focus on smoothly integrating these gaming giants underscores its strategic vision for the future of gaming.

As the industry anticipates the unfolding of the tech company’s plans and the impact of these changes, the departure of Kotick and the evolving leadership landscape signal a new chapter in the gaming world.

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