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Minecraft breaks world record with 300M copies sold

Minecraft continues to grow, despite turning 15 years old soon


Minecraft is the bestselling video game of all time. On Friday, it added more to that particular feather in its cap with the announcement that it has sold a staggering 300 million copies.

Minecraft breaks world record

Microsoft has seen a big increase in Minecraft usage since the pandemic. As of now, according to the company, they have been a part of the crafting of 15 million pickaxes, the discovery of 6.7 million diamonds, and the slaying of 15 million skeletons.

“As we approach the 15th anniversary, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games of all time, with over 300 million copies sold, a milestone no one could have dreamed of when we were all placing our first blocks,” Helen Chiang, head of Mojang Studios, said in a statement.

An exciting new milestone was announced during Minecraft Live 2023, a livestream event for fans to keep up with the latest news and community updates. Game director Agnes Larsson and a few developers unveiled some of the key features heading to the game as part of next year’s update.

The event also features a voting event, where players can choose between adding new creatures. This year, options include a crab, an armadillo, or a penguin in the game as a new creature.

The company has achieved a remarkable milestone and it’s not a small feat. To put things into perspective, the bestselling console of all time, the PS2, sold around 155 million units. Grand Theft Auto V, which happens to be the second bestselling video game ever, falls short of Minecraft’s numbers, with reported sales topping out at 185 million.

As the game continues to evolve and expand, it remains a cornerstone of the gaming world, attracting legions of players worldwide.

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