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Saudi Arabia: Esports World Cup 2024

Every gamer has been waiting for an Esports World Cup – Saudi Arabia has made that a reality


After announcing that Saudi Arabia will host the Esports World Cup, which will begin in the summer of 2024, the country is poised to soar to new heights in the gaming world. Leading the charge is Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, whose historic occasion is expected to completely transform the esports industry.

Biggest of it’s kind


The Esports World Cup is not your average competition—it’s slated to grow to be the biggest worldwide. Imagine this: the greatest titles from all gaming genres gathered under one roof, along with an enormous prize fund that promises to create esports history! It’s a cosmic battle of champions, not just a competition! It is rumored that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is an avid Call of Duty player.

This exciting event will be centered on Riyadh, the dynamic capital of Saudi Arabia, offering a platform that not only promotes the gaming industry but also solidifies the Kingdom’s standing as a thriving hub for international events.

Surprise Co-Host: Cristiano Ronaldo

Legendary football player, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke on the future of international esports during the panel that announced the event. Ronaldo confirmed at the end of 2022 that he had signed a two-year contract with Al-Nassr, a team situated in Riyadh. The squad is already well-known in the area.

Just Esports?

A new age of potential for Saudi Arabia has begun with the announcement of the Esports World Cup, as the industry is expected to generate an astounding 39,000 employment in the developing sector. The event is a fantastic chance for anyone with a passion for gaming to become a part of a vibrant, quickly expanding community.

The good times don’t end there! We’re talking about a schedule of events and activities that will transform the nation’s capital into an incredible gaming paradise. Prepare yourself for a summer unlike any other, where gaming becomes the main attraction and travel receives a major boost.

It is planned to release more details in early 2024. Therefore, aim high for a Saudi summer in the next year.

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