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Google Bard just got 2 big upgrades – Now respond in real time

Google Bard, a formidable AI chatbot, recently joined the league of real-time responders, aligning itself with ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

Google Bard just got 2 big upgrades - Now respond in real time

Google bard’s real-time shift

This new real-time response feature marks a shift in Bard’s approach. Previously, the bot took its time to compose responses before displaying them, in contrast to counterparts like ChatGPT and Bing Chat, which have been known for providing real-time responses while formulating answers.

This change is largely cosmetic. The core responses generated by Google Bard remain unchanged. Nevertheless, real-time responses can offer a more human-like interaction, even though the underlying intelligence is the same.

User control and flexibility

One advantage of this real-time approach is that users can cut off responses before they are fully generated. For example, if the initial prompt is phrased incorrectly or if Bard is not addressing the question correctly, users can intervene.

Google Bard just got 2 big upgrades - Now respond in real time

Parallel to ChatGPT and Bing chat

Interestingly, Google Bard is now aligning itself with how ChatGPT and Bing Chat have always functioned in providing real-time responses. Still, the true measure of these AI engines’ quality remains the accuracy and relevance of their responses.

Exploring Alternatives

Once Bard completes its response, users can explore alternative responses via the “View other drafts” link at the top right corner. Additionally, they can fine-tune responses by adjusting settings like making them shorter or simpler by clicking the sliders button at the bottom.

Additional Bard Upgrades

Google Bard has not stopped at real-time responses. It has introduced two more significant upgrades. First, it now allows users to share conversations with image prompts, providing more context for subsequent interactions. Second, and notably, Bard is now capable of summarizing multiple emails at once, which can be a game-changer for anyone drowning in lengthy email threads.

Email efficiency: This email summarization feature alleviates the burden of going through endless paragraphs of details in emails, making it easier to grasp the key points and tasks at hand.

Google Bard just got 2 big upgrades - Now respond in real time

Visual context for collaboration: Bard’s ability to provide visual context by displaying image prompts during conversations adds a layer of transparency to the creative process. This allows others to understand the conversation’s context and contribute effectively.

Google Bard just got 2 big upgrades - Now respond in real time

Google Bard’s introduction of real-time responses aligns it with the likes of ChatGPT and Bing Chat, enhancing user interaction. With features like email summarization and visual context through image prompts, Bard continues to evolve, making it a versatile tool for various tasks. As AI chatbots keep pushing boundaries, it’s the quality of responses and the value they bring to users that truly matter.

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