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Unleash your inner Goddess with Huda Beauty’s new EM(POWER)ED collection

The latest palette is set to release on the 3rd of October.

Huda Beauty EM(POWER)ED collection

Practice makes perfect, but imperfection is also an art. In the case of makeup artistry, clients, customers, influencers, and models have a particular look in their minds when wanting a makeup artist to create a look for them. Whether it be a natural dewy complexion or a bold red lip, the makeup caters to that of the individual.

One makeup artist who practiced the art of applying makeup is Huda Kattan. She used the power of the internet to showcase her skills and educate others on useful makeup tips and looks. From the success of her YouTube channel, Huda Kattan, like many other successful influencers, launched her own business, and she named it Huda Beauty.

Huda as well as the brand have always focused on not only external beauty but also internal beauty, especially when empowering women to be who they are and to express themselves. Every brand has a purpose and Huda Beauty, has a multiple purposes of selling her products to every artist, but to also feel empowered using her products.


Have you ever heard of the saying beauty is in the eyes of the beholder? The deeper meaning of this saying tells us that everyone has a different perception of beauty, however, if we look at what it means on the surface, beauty is in the eyes first.

Huda’s new eyeshadow palette does just that, focusing on the eyes of the beholder making the individual feel EM(POWER)ED through her makeup palette.

@hudabeauty Empowered palette #hudabeauty #foryou #xyzbca ♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

The Story

Unlike other makeup artists, Huda uses story-telling through her collection, and as an influencer, she has always used story-telling since she started her passion for creating makeup looks on social media. In her latest post on Instagram, she explains:

‘Hey beautiful people! I am so excited to share a collection with you that is really special to me our EM(POWER)ED collection.

When I started my journey in the beauty industry, I never knew it would take me this deep into understanding who I really am. The truth is, we are all born powerful, but we allow people to tell us who we are & how far we can go. Whether we listen to it or not, it’s hard not to let it chip away at us & sometimes, we allow ourselves to be defined by others & that limits us.

I want you to free yourself of any limiting beliefs that you have & to know that you’re capable of the unimaginable, and that you can become everything you have ever dreamed.

You guys know our big palettes have been a form of self-expression for me & our EM(POWER)ED collection is an exploration of self-love & acceptance. It’s about allowing yourself to embrace every aspect of who you are & unlocking that superpower, that potential, that magic that is in every single one of us. The new EM(POWER)ED collection is here to remind you just how powerful you truly are!
*This is a collection to inspire you and to remind you that you are strong & powerful every time you use it.*

The Details

Whether you are a professional makeup artist or wanted to experiment with makeup looks then this palette is “everything in one.” As quoted by Huda herself, the palette has the most “powerful shimmers you have ever seen” but included you also have matte shadows and butter-smooth shades that you can create a black or brown long-lasting liner look.

Huda also mentions that this is her “best palette to date” and one that you would be able to create goddess glowing daytime looks in addition to statement evening looks. One of the shadows called Limitless has a luminous effect which she mentions comes from gold flakes inside the colour.

The EM(POWER)ED Collection includes:

✨18 shade EM(POWER)ED palette with unique, butter-smooth shades
✨LEGIT Lashes Double-Ended Mascara in limited edition packaging
✨An all-new Face Gloss with gold shimmers
✨Our WISHFUL Eye Lift & Contour masks with a bold gold empowered statement
✨The ultimate Lip Kit with gold details

Learn a Look

The Huda Beauty team has been working on the launch of the collection by posting teasers on the social media page. However, keeping true to herself and what Huda Kattan has always been about, she gives us a first-hand look at the palette by giving us our first tutorial to try.

If her final finished look doesn’t make you want to get your hands on it, I don’t what will!

The #EMPOWERED collection will be launching worldwide on the 3rd of October so keep an eye out on the Huda Beauty page.

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