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Fashion Influencer Matilda Djerf takes down dupe videos on TikTok of her designs

Influencer Matilda Djerf issued copyright claims on creators promoting alternatives to her clothing line on TikTok

influencer matilda djerf controversy explained

Influencer Matilda Djerf is the Internet’s sweetheart, but has come under recent heat after her company issued copyright strikes on creators promoting affordable alternatives to her clothing line on TikTok.

Influencer Matilda Djerf has TikTok take down dupe videos

Matilda Djerf, a Swedish Influencer with over 3 million followers on Instagram, who is considered to be the online Scandinavian it girl, recently took down several TikTok videos of dupes, or affordable alternatives, of her brand’s fruit print pajamas.

Her fashion brand, Djerf Avenue, launched in 2019. Djerf has been an Influencer for over a decade, and her Pinterest-esque style was adored by many. Her brand gave online spectators an opportunity to buy her lifestyle and recreate it directly.

While her pajamas are loved by many, smaller creators are sharing “dupes” of them on TikTok. Dupes typically sell at more affordable prices than the originals, making them more accessible to consumers with lower budgets.

Djerf’s team requested that TikTok take down those videos, claiming copyright issues. Since these smaller influencers were not affiliated with Djerf Avenue, TikTok complied with the requests, and the videos were removed.

However, things went array when users caught wind of the issue. The hashtag #djerfavenuedrama on TikTok has amassed 1.5 million views. Some believe that Djerf’s team was wrong to target smaller Influencers, rather than manufacturers, over the dupes.

Others believe that Djerf was right to stand up against her designs being copied. They argue that Djerf has put a lot of time and effort into creating her designs and that she has the right to protect her intellectual property.

@lucindapikkat Matilda Djerf controversy… unfortunately she was too squeaky clean so people are ‘thrilled’ to find something to pick apart. #dupe #dupeculture #knockoff #matildadjerf #djerfavenue ♬ original sound – LUCINDA PIKKAT

Another TikTok Influencer, Erica Stolman Dowdy, posted to her TikTok a month ago, how she felt the original Djerf Avenue pajamas beat the dupes that were trending. Despite her support for Djerf, the company emailed Dowdy asking her to take down the video.

@ericastolmandowdy i love a good amazon doop but here to report the @Djerf Avenue pajama are very much worth the hype… the definition of buttery soft, never been cozier 🍓☁️🧈 #djerfavenue #djerfavenuepajamas #amazondoop #matildadjerf #cozypajamas ♬ Im In Love Im Obsessed Rihanna x Casa Di Remix – CasaDi

This led to more drama. In another TikTok, Dowdy explains that she bought the original pajamas and promoted them on social media on her own. Despite this, the company messaged the Influencer privately arguing that she promoted counterfeit products. The products they were referring to were not dupes, but items by a different company inspired by Djerf Avenue’s pajamas.

@ericastolmandowdy update: @Djerf Avenue being so messy & out of pocket in my enails rn. mistakes can be made by women business, i gave you tine to make this right but y’all just keep on diggingggg. i dont want free pajamas, i want $120 plus tax and shipping & my video back up. k thx bye!!! #djerfavenue #djerfavenuedrama #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Erica Stolman Dowdy

Dowdy captioned her TikTok, “Djerf Avenue being so messy & out of pocket in my emails right now,”.

The Matilda Djerf TikTok controversy has highlighted the complex ethical concerns surrounding replicas in the fashion industry. On one hand, designers have the right to protect their intellectual property. On the other hand, consumers should have access to affordable alternatives.

Since the controversy, Djerf has deactivated her TikTok. She remains active on Instagram and has not issued any statement regarding the drama.

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