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Interview: The Secrets to Building a Fashion Empire-How Martin Al-Masri built House of Victor

How Martin Victor went from being the model to the owner of the brand, and more!

The Secrets to Building a Fashion Empire-How Martin Al-Masri built House of Victor

Martin Al-Masri AKA Martin Victor is a trailblazing entrepreneur, fashion designer, and former model who founded the widely popular brand House Of Victor. His work as a model during his earlier years gave him an inside look into the world of fashion and how the industry works. After deciding to take his passion for fashion to the next level, Al-Masri took a spontaneous trip to Prague and laid out the plan for the fashion empire he was going to build. He then went on to launch House of Victor, one of Dubai’s fastest-growing brands, a fashion magazine by the name of Victor Magazine, and Infinity World Models, a modeling agency, as well as the Dubai franchise of La Beauté, one of the world’s leading haircare brands. Al-Masri recently displayed his collection at the 2023 edition of Dubai Fashion Week, putting on an amazing show filled with top-of-the-line production, models, and amazing garments. It is clear that there is no sign of the fashion entrepreneur slowing down any time soon. In this interview, we talk to Martin Al-Masri about his vision for House of Victor, influencers on the runway, and the secrets to building his fashion empire.

Growing up, which Fashion Designer were you most inspired by, and who inspires you today?

I really love Tom Ford and look up to him. Even today.

Influencers are our society’s opinion leaders and it is important to work with them and listen to them as well. Brands and influencers add to each other. I always say “We are each other’s audience”. 

What would you say are the major factors that contributed to your brand’s rise to popularity?

Print. The House of Victor was one of the first brands to actually use loud branded prints all over, and that helped a lot in grabbing the attention. Plus, at Victor, we don’t make clothes, we make Identities that lift us up. 

You have built a large following on social media, what are your secrets to building a following? 

I am always accessible and available to help and listen. When there’s an interest, there’s a time and I am interested in everyone and everything out there. 

With the launch of Victor Magazine and products such as the Domino and Domina perfume line, it seems that you see House of Victor becoming a brand that goes beyond a fashion house. What is your ultimate vision for HoV, and where do you see it going in the coming years?

Victor’s plan is to grow in clothes, perfumes, jewelry, bags, and shoes. The brand is growing at the right speed. We are also considering our first flagship store, which will certainly be in Dubai.

Name 5 people that you dream of seeing wearing your brand. 

Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, Nancy Ajram & George Clooney.

Which country or city inspires you the most when it comes to Fashion? 

Dubai. Victor is all about tomorrow.

Do you have anything exclusive coming up next that you can tell us about?

I am preparing for a big show in India, which will be my first show in Asia. I am also touring Latin America again this year, starting with a show in Argentina and Brazil.

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