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Make money from blogging in 5 successful steps

Find out how to make money from blogging in our simple steps…

Make money from blogging

Are you a blogger who is looking to make money from blogging as a full-time or part-time career? By following our simple steps below, you will be able to boost your engagement and bring in extra income for doing what you love and enjoy, and if you’re questioning whether or not to start a blog, then you may just make up your mind after reading this article.

Let’s give you some context about blogging

Blogging is not to be taken lightly. Many people want to start a business, start a social media account and post whatever they like on it thinking it will reach engagement and following easily, however, in this day and age, starting something online is a competitive game. If you don’t do your research properly and have a plan, you will fall behind as imagine the millions of people who have the same idea as you and have a strategy they’re following – they will automatically rise above your content as they’re following a consistent pattern and using engaging, high-quality content (pictures, videos, captions, etc).

According to a 2022 article found on, ‘77% of people regularly read blogs online’ which shows just how active and popular blogging is – so it’s not a dying field but one that should be explored more, and they also share that ‘Successful bloggers spend 4 hours on average to write a post’ so you don’t need to spend the whole day writing, and… well actually, let’s just paste them all below as they’re all great statistics!

Top Blogging Statistics

  • 31.7% million is the projected number of bloggers in the US.
  • 43% of the web is built on WordPress.
  • 77% of people regularly read blogs online.
  • Around 7 million blog posts are published per day.
  • 67% of bloggers who post daily say that they are successful.
  • Blog articles with 3000+ words get better results.
  • 97% of bloggers use social media to boost their results.
  • 61% of online users in the US have bought something after reading a blog.

Useful to know right? Although there are 570 million blogs, there is always room for more and always ways to make money from them. The good news is, that you don’t have to be an influencer or have a big social media following to make money from blogging. Torres-Rodriguez, Founder of Yo Quiero Dinero, made $144,210 in passive income in 2021 from her blog Delish D’Lights, which shares recipes from her Puerto Rican heritage (

So, how do you start to make money from blogging?

  1. Create ad networks: You can display ads from Google AdSense on your webpage. Google AdSense allows publishers to earn money from their online content and matches ads to your site based on the content you are publishing as well as the visitors coming onto your page. All you have to do is get as many people onto your page as possible – social media being one of the main ways to get eyes on your blog.
  2. Affiliate Links: Depending on the niche of your blog, you can collaborate with brands by reviewing their products and services on your blog and making a cut from the link you provide to your readers. When a reader clicks on the link and purchases the product you have reviewed, they can make money. The more products you review and gain link clicks, the more money you make!
  3. Start getting sponsored posts: Create a small rate card highlighting the benefits of your blog (reach, engagement, audience, etc), and send it to businesses and brands. The rate card will allow their external sources to want to advertise on your blog page and be affiliated with you and gives you another source of income to make money. They can either have their product sponsored on your blog page or write guest blog posts to showcase their work – you decide and get creative with it.
  4. Create your own service: You know you’re ready to make money when you’re getting eyes on your blog, but it’s time to step outside the box. If you see yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur, then you can start creating your own brand through your blog or selling a program/service. If you’re a fashion blogger talking about ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable, why not create your own affordable and sustainable clothing brand to make money? It fits your niche, it’s relevant, you’re providing a product that people want and you’re making money from it – it’s a win-win situation!
  5. Paid subscriptions: If you know the information you are giving your audience is exclusive and elite, then why not make money by getting your readers to pay to read your content? Give away some of your content in the first few paragraphs, and as soon as it begins to get juicy, ask for money. It’s a little bit cheeky, but why not? Businesses do this as a way of income from their website as they know people will pay to read exclusive news. Everyone wants to be the first to know something and if you’re giving that to your readers, then it’s okay to receive before giving!


To conclude, as much as people may think blogging is going “out of fashion,” there are actually a lot of people still reading blogs and more so for authenticity and first-hand reviews. Create a strategy if you’re looking to start a blog and put time and effort into making it consistent to start making money from blogging. If you already have a blog then see what’s working and what isn’t and work on developing and adapting it, understanding your analytics so you can make money from it.

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